Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Upcoming Webinars from NYCON and an Important message

Upcoming Webinars and a statement from the National Councit of Nonprofits

New Year, Great Time to Explore New Employee Benefits that You Can Afford!
We know that the Employe Benefits "Market" can be complicated.  Our job is to help make that world more simple, and affordable for nonprofits. To help you understand each type of benefit, it's coverage features and it's costs we are rolling out a series of short 30-minute webinar spotlights on our administered programs: Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Flexible Spending Accounts and our Vision Program - which is new for 2013!
Our Series Starts Next Week! Register Today...

Stay tuned for our Flexible Spending Account & Life Insurance Webinars in the Spring....

Dollars through the Door: Who Does What in Nonprofit Fundraising? [Lunch & Learn Webinar]
Wednesday, March 13, 2013 
10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (EDT) 
Online - Call And Login Information Will Be Sent To You
24-48 Hours In Advance Of This Workshop

Register Today Limited Spots Available
This session provides an introduction to the diverse strategies nonprofits can use to generate revenue for their organizations with an emphasis on planning, sustainability and the role of Executive Staff and Board Members in fundraising efforts. We will be covering four key topics that typically arise when discussions of "fundraising" occur. 

These are

  • the importance of integrating fund development planning at the board and staff level.
  • how to build and effective board/staff partnership including the role of each in creating and implementing a plan.
  • overcoming the fear of the "ask" with consistent, impactful messaging and considering new and innovative entrepreneurial approaches.

Nonprofit Audits in a Nutshell  
[Free Members Only Webinar]
March 28th, 2013    3:30pm to 4:30pm 
Like yours, many nonprofit organizations often find themselves   wondering...
  • Do we need to have an independent audit? (And what does that entail anyway?)
  • Are there special rules for us because we receive government grants?
  • How can we prepare so that the process goes smoothly?  
  •  What's the board's role?
To answer these questions and more, the New York Council of Nonprofits (NYCON) is excited to bring you Nonprofit Audits in a Nutshell, a free webinar on March 28th at 3:30pm Eastern, hosted by our national network, the National Council of Nonprofits. This webinar features practical tips from nonprofits about their audit practices, as well as experts from BoardSource and Raffa and is designed to give you background on everything you need to know about the independent audit process (from legal requirements to practical advice).    
Thanks to the support of First Nonprofit Foundation, this exclusive webinar is available, free of charge, to all members of NYCON Don't miss this opportunity - Register Today! Free and Open to Current NYCON Members Only (click here to renew your membership for 2013 before registering)

Upcoming NYCON Membership Orientation  (for all new and returning members!

 [Please note the date change]

Membership Benefits Orientation [Webinar]
 In our "Get to Know Us" Sessions, NYCON staff will tell you a lot more about our membership benefits - and answer all the questions you have regarding our process, costs and what you get for FREE.  

We will be talking about these benefits.

Nonprofit Training, Education and Professional Assistance
NYCON empowers our members with the best practices, policies, and procedures as well as information on ever-changing regulations, funding, accountability and more. 

Cost Savings Solutions for Nonprofits

NYCON leverages the purchasing power of thousands of nonprofits to bring you economies of scale on everything from Office Supplies to Fundraising Software.
The Nonprofit Voice in New York State NYCON represents our members on the local, state and national level, giving voice to small and medium sized nonprofits everywhere.

Statement from National Council of Nonprofits on Sequestration Cuts

Washington, DC - 
"While Washington lawmakers play the blame game over who is responsible for letting sequestration's automatic spending cuts go into
effect, America's nonprofits, and the people they serve, have been the first to suffer the consequences.

"Nonprofits have been in limbo for months already due to sequestration's uncertainty
with contract renewals held up as states and localities wait to see how they are affected by the cuts. While for-profit road-builders cease laying asphalt until payments are guaranteed, nonprofits continue providing needed services in their local communities. Nonprofits with government contracts and grants haven't kickedat-risk children out of group homes, cut back on care for mentally ill individuals, or stopped serving meals to seniors. Instead, nonprofits have continued operations as best they could, effectively subsidizing governments. 
"As the reality of sequestration cuts play out, the work of nonprofits is going to become even more difficult from multiple compounding factors as many are hit by direct funding cuts to programs, hit again as state and local governments cut their funding further to make up for their own budgets being cut, and hit a third time as people who are furloughed or laid off as part of sequestrationturn to nonprofits for help in unprecedented numbers. Charitable nonprofits are already severely depleted from doing so much more, for so many more, for so much longer, with so much less; they can no longer underwrite government's failures.
Nonprofit employees and board members can no longer pick up the slack as elected officials refuse to do their jobs...

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