Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sequestration and Nonprofits in New York State

Sequestration and Nonprofits in New York State: Telling the Story of Impact on the People We Serve
When Washington policymakers failed to reach agreement to stop the $85 billion in arbitrary budget cuts known as “sequestration,” they let loose a wide array of cuts and changes that are likely to be felt first and frequently by charitable nonprofits. We feel that the best way to demonstrate the adverse effect of sequestration on our communities is for charitable nonprofits like yours to share the stories and data of what it means to the people you serve. That is why the has been launched by the National Council of Nonprofits.

As a member of the New York Council of Nonprofits, you are part of the nation’s largest network of charitable nonprofits, connected through the National Council of Nonprofits. This network is mobilizing to (a) alert the nonprofit community about how the new federal sequestration cuts will affect almost every charitable nonprofit in America – even those without any government contracts – and (b) start documenting the effects of the sequestration cuts on the work of nonprofits and the communities we all serve.

The cuts mean that nonprofit staff members and board members must raise billions of dollars more this year alone to handle the resulting increased demands for services.  We encourage you to visit to see how sequestration will have multiple ripple effects and then share your data and stories about what the cuts mean to the work of your nonprofit (including changes to your own staffing levels) at so state, subsector, and national trends can be analyzed the story of the impact can be documented and demonstrated.

Historically, the nonprofit community has suffered because we have been fragmented and separated into different silos. This new resource allows nonprofits here in New York to learn together and lift our voices together for the public good.

Thanks for your membership in New York Council of Nonprofits; by coming together, the nonprofit community can better serve our broader communities across New York.

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