Monday, March 4, 2013

Insurance Solutions for Today's Nonprofits

Providing Small Nonprofits with BIG Employee Benefits 
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Bringing your organization NYS Mandated Short Term Disability Insurance through:

Per New York State Law, most all employers must provide minimum short-term disability benefits to all   employees.  The coverage provides employees 50% of the employee's gross pay to a maximum of $170 a week, for up to 26 weeks for any non-work related illness or injury.

Benefits begin after 7 days of continuous disability.
National Benefit Life Insurance Company (NBL) has very competitive rates*:
1-49 Employees**:
Downstate               Male - $1.65   Female - $3.75
Upstate                     Male - $1.85   Female - $4.75
(billed annually)

10-46 Employees:  Male - $2.90   Female - $6.35
(billed quarterly in arrears)
50 or More Employees: Experience Rated

Partner/Sole Prop/Member:  Both - $9.50
(voluntary coverage)
*These rates will be reflected upon new and renewing policies. All premiums will be billed directly by NBL; minimum of $20 premium per quarter, $80 per year.
**Contact us to see where your county qualifies.

For more information on National Benefit Life's Disability benefits, please contact Licensed Account Representatives Kristie Hood at 877-501-4277 x129,; or Eric Laughlin x128,

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