Friday, April 1, 2011

Dutchess County Coalition of Nonprofits Event: "Strengthening Government & Nonprofit Relationships in New York State"

As State and County governments are forced to make cuts in staffing and services, our citizens and our public officials are turning increasingly to non-profit organizations to fill the gap. To do so efficiently and effectively, government and the non-profit sector must communicate and collaborate as much as possible. However, in NY State and Dutchess County, there is little or no mechanism for this two-way dialog and cooperation. This presentation will present one possible model to bring government and the non-profits together to benefit our common constituency.

Together, we are going to tackle some important issues facing our sector and hopefully gain some important insight as to how we can encourage our State and Local leaders to make a strong statement about the nonprofit sector as they have in Connecticut.

Event Details:

May 13, 2011
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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The Dutchess County Coalition of Nonprofits and the Locust Grove Estate are pleased to sponsor this event. Ms. Heinrich will be asked various questions about her role and the nonprofit community including:

  • What led the Governor to create such a position in his cabinet?
  • Why is it in the best interests of states, counties, communities, to be concerned about the nonprofit sector?
  • How have the current economic conditions impacted the nonprofit sector?
  • What role do nonprofits play in the delivery of services and in the economy of Connecticut?
  • In what ways can the interests of nonprofits be promoted?

Thanks to a generous donation of space from Locust Grove we will be hosted at the Locust Grove Estate. See below for details.

Light refreshments provided by Appraisal One, Inc

About Our Speaker

Deb Heinrich is a scientist by training with a PhD in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics. She served as the State Representative for Madison and North Guilford prior to being appointed to this position.

As a state representative, Deb worked very closely with the nonprofit providers, advocating on their behalf in the legislature. For her work in this area, Deb has been recognized for distinction by the Connecticut Association of Nonprofits and the Connecticut Community Providers Association.

Ms. Heinrich was appointed by Governor Daniel Malloy to interact and communicate with nonprofit providers and to advise the Governor on policy reforms and other measures to benefit the partnership of state agencies and private providers.

Governor Malloy established this important position in recognition that this partnership is integral for the delivery of services to the citizens of Connecticut who require assistance in their lives. Governor Malloy stated that in closing a 20% budget deficit in his State, he is committed to finding ways to spare the most vulnerable among the State's citizens.