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Nonprofit Knowledge Matters: Trends, Love, and What's Ahead in Fundraising

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Top Twelve Trends to Watch in 2016 
In each issue of Nonprofit Knowledge Matters, we highlight trends to help charitable nonprofits survive and thrive. This year’s first look ahead focuses on the top public policy challenges and opportunities that charitable nonprofits will face in 2016. Just to clarify, “public policy” means “external-influences-that-can-limit-your-nonprofit’s-mission.” As with much of the Council of Nonprofits’ work, these trends focus where the action is: in states and localities; perhaps some of these trends are happening right now in your community. Help your nonprofit’s board and staff monitor where the pinch-points will be for your nonprofit in 2016 by reading 2015-2016: The Years in (P)Review

Want to stay up-to-date with policy trends? Make sure your nonprofit is a member of its state association of nonprofits and subscribe to Nonprofit Advocacy Matters, our free newsletter that focuses on nonprofit policy trends, rounded out by examples of nonprofits engaging in everyday advocacy. 

Finding Nonprofit Love Online
Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. An eHarmony for nonprofits may not yet exist, but your nonprofit’s potential soulmate is looking online. Maybe it will be a casual, one-time volunteer experience or maybe your nonprofit can find a life-long supporter. GuideStar, one of the most popular sites used by people looking for information on nonprofits, is launching newly redesigned profiles today. Learn how GuideStar’s profiles and other online profiles can bring your nonprofit lots of love.

Charity regulators moving forward with single portal multi-state registration plans
State charity regulators working to streamline the difficult and expensive process used by nonprofits to register for charitable solicitation in multiple states seek your input as they design the beta version of a “Single Portal Multi-State Registration” website that they plan to launch this year. They have issued a “request for information” (RFI) to the public – including charitable nonprofit staff members, board members, fundraising consultants, and professional advisors to nonprofits – asking for help designing a process that will be as nonprofit friendly as possible. We encourage all those who currently complete registrations on behalf of charitable nonprofits – whether in just one state or in multiple states – to learn more about the single portal multi-state charitable registration project, and then comment on the RFI to help shape the end-product so your nonprofit will have a better experience using the portal. 

Trends for Charitable Nonprofits to Watch

Five trends to watch in 2016 (Social Velocity)

Tips for getting more from your online presence

Trending topics

Nonprofit Advocacy in Action

IRS withdraws irksome gift substantiation proposal (National Council of Nonprofits)

Nonprofit Transparency

The Foraker Group in Alaska shares how its theory of change focuses on the role of nonprofits to strengthen the communities where we live.

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