Sunday, January 24, 2016

Built To Lead

Dear Fellow New Yorker, 

‎Yesterday I delivered my 6th State of the State address. In it I laid out a transformative agenda to build on the success of the last five years and continue to move New York State forward. 

We are the progressive capital of the nation. We are Built to Lead and we will show the nation why with these bold, signature initiatives: 
  • Maintain our commitment to fiscal discipline and government efficiency, while cutting taxes for small businesses and capping property taxes for New York homeowners.
  • Rebuild and modernize critical infrastructure from Montauk to Buffalo with an interconnected, planned system of mass transportation, roads and bridges and airports for the next 100 years.
  • Offer our children the best education in the nation with a $2.1 billion increase in school funding to $25 billion, the highest total spending on education in the history of the state of New York.
  • Ensure a cleaner, greener state by eliminating the use of goal in New York by 2020 and allocating $300 million to the Environmental Protection Fund.
  • Bolster public safety by funding the permanent deployment of more New York State Troopers and National Guard at key target areas across the state.
  • Lead the nation in social progress by offering the county’s most robust paid family leave policy and first-in-the-nation $15 minimum wage.
  • Stand up for public integrity and government reform through comprehensive ethics reform.
Learn more about these proposals, and watch the full speech here. 

Yes, this is an ambitious agenda, and, yes, it’s is going to be a challenge. But we are New Yorkers and there is nothing that we cannot do. We have proven the capacity to take on the toughest issues of the day, and done what was once dismissed as impossible. Together, we will build a smarter, stronger and fairer New York than ever before – and we will show the nation the way forward once again. 

Thank you. 

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo 
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