Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ACTION ALERT on Charitable Tax Extenders

Urge Congress to Permanently Extend Key Charitable Giving Incentives
Congress needs to hear from you today!
Leaders in the House and Senate are now considering passing a separate bill to make the charitable provisions permanent. But they need to hear from you today to understand that passing permanent extensions of these tax incentives is very important to nonprofits and the people you serve. Congress shouldn't quit for the year before getting this done.   

Time is truly of the essence, so contact your Representative and Senators today by phone, email, or social media.

By Phone:
Call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121), ask to be connected to your Senators' and Representative's offices.  

By Email:
Find your Senators' email addresses and your Representatives email address and send them this message, along with any other information about how the expired giving incentives have helped your nonprofit perform work in their communities:

Tell your representatives to:  
"Make the three charitable tax incentives (extenders) permanent before adjourning; our communities rely on work funded by these incentives and we are counting on your help.

Congress needs to make permanent the three charitable tax incentives - the IRA Rollover, the enhanced deduction for donations of food inventories and donations of conservation easements - so that all nonprofits can plan for the future and secure support for their work. Read more here about why we need these incentives for giving extended.    

Tweet to your Representatives Today!
NYCON on Twitter!
Find your Senators and Representatives Twitter handles and tweet one of the following @ them:

@_____ Our communities deserve better than a 3-week tax extension; make charitable giving incentives permanent #protectgiving

@_____ 3-week tax extension doesn't help the communities #nonprofits serve; make charitable giving incentives permanent #protectgiving

@_____ HR5771 = a 3-week extension; communities served by #nonprofits deserve better. Make charitable giving incentives permanent

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