Friday, June 14, 2013

Call to Action: Oppose Paid Board Members

Dear Nonprofit Members & Devoted Board Members,
We're calling on our members to 

ISSUE: The Attorney General's Nonprofit Reform Bills (S-5198A/A-7337) are being finalized over today and over the weekend for introduction and likely passage next week.  They are to go into effect on July 1, 2014.

  • The AG continues to support the harmful practice of having paid, voting board members on nonprofit boards. Paid board members are the single greatest source of conflicts of interests for charities and one that seriously threatens the integrity of and public confidence in our sector.    
  • Excellent board leadership includes board members"giving and getting" resources for mission, not"making and taking" them for private gain.
  • The AG's endorsement of paying board members means that these types of conflicts of interests will continue to occur and plague us.  
  • The inevitable result will be the emergence of more harmful public scandals that tarnish the good work of the over 99% of charities that believe in and practice volunteer board leadership. NYCON believes that the opportunity is right now to stop it at its source!

We urge staff, board leaders, donors, volunteers and all who care about protecting the ethical integrity of our state's charities to call today and Monday at the latest,  the offices of
Michael H. Ranzenhofer and  
James Brennan  the Bill Sponsors, to voice your support for amending the proposed Bill to prohibit compensated board members. Tell them that true reform means taking solving the problem not adding new, complex regulations trying to manage it.

*A revised bill will be submitted early next week, so please, call and make your case.

Both offices are well aware of NYCON's position, so even calling and stating your support for NYCON's case against this bill is a step in the right direction!

Michael Ranzenhofer
Albany Office Phone:(518) 455-3161
Regional Office: (716) 631-8695 
                         (585) 454-0322

James Brennan
Albany Office: (518) 455-5377
Regional Office: (718)-940-0641
                         (718) 788-7221

There are other options out there, if we're going to do this, then let's do it right! NYCON fully supports  Senator Marcellino and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin who have both introduced Bills that would end compensated board members! Check out this bill here.  

Doug's Signature

           Doug Sauer, CEO
           New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON)

Learn More on NYCON's Position  

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Its up to the nonprofits of New York to educate policy makers, and this is your chance to do so today!
Tell these offices you support NYCON's case against compensated board members!

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