Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help Your Employees Cover the Cost of Healthcare

CS Plus Now Offers Access to Affordable, Comprehensive Voluntary Benefits for Your Employees
In a stressful time, specified disease insurance can help protect your employees and let them concentrate on what matters most.
The American Cancer Society reports that cancer costs Americans nearly $230 billion annually, and much of that is considered indirect or hidden costs not covered by major medical plans (Loss of wages, deductibles/coinsurance, travel expenses, lodging/meals, child care, etc). 

CS Plus now offers your employees access to Specified Disease Insurance for Cancer from Colonial Voluntary Benefits
 (underwritten by The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company). This type of policy pays specific benefits for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Specified Disease Insurance for Cancer Plan Benefit Includes:
  • Wellness benefit - Payable for one of the specified cancer screening tests performed.
  • Bone marrow donor benefit - Payable if you donate your bone marrow to another person who has been identified as a match to your bone marrow type.
  • Inpatient benefits - Payable for hospital-related services such as hospital confinement, ambulance, air ambulance and full-time nursing services.
  • Treatment benefits - Payable for cancer treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, anti-nausea medication and medical imaging.
  • Surgical procedures benefits - Payable for surgery performed to treat cancer, including reconstructive surgery and anesthesia.
  • Transportation and lodging benefits - Payable if you must travel to receive cancer treatment.
  • Extended care benefits - Payable for extended care services such as home health care, hospice and skilled nursing care
Rates starting as low as $13.75 per month, per employee.

For More Information Please Contact:
Licensed Account Representatives Kristie Hood at  (877) 501-4277 x129, khood@councilservicesplus.comor Eric Laughlin at x128,

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