Saturday, January 19, 2013

Governing Data: See New State Population Estimates, Where Your Residents Are Moving

New 2012 State Population Estimates Released

The Census Bureau released new estimates today for each state, indicating the U.S. population grew about 0.8 percent between July 2011 and July 2012. 

North Dakota, fueled by an oil boom creating thousands of jobs, is the nation's fasting growing state. Other states experiencing the largest percentage increases were predominantly in the South and western U.S. They include Texas (1.7 percent), Wyoming (1.6 percent), Utah (1.5 percent) and Nevada (1.4 percent).

We've compiled totals for each state along with a series of maps illustrating drivers of the population changes, including birth rates, death rates and net migration.
Read full story and view data for each state

See Where Residents in Your State Are Moving To, From
Relatively few Americans moved this year, and those who did find new homes didn’t travel far. Estimates compiled in the most recent 2011 American Community Survey provide a glimpse of where Americans are on the move. View our interactive map for detailed migration trends for each state.

Of those moving between across state borders, Texas (109,887), Florida (61,395), Colorado (41,501) and North Carolina (40,144) gained the most residents. New York (95,591), California (93,915) and New Jersey (76,175) saw the most residents move away, according to the Census Bureau.
Read more and see how your state measures up

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