Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Trends in the Arts?

A recent posted article from the Nonprofit Ventures blog offers news on a newly opened arts center that is a for profit enterprise. Is this a new trend? Share you thoughts. As the posted article relates:

The name is sure to grab the attention of would-be theatergoers. It’s catchy, it’s ambitious, it emphasizes a sense of place.

And yet, when the Rhode Island Center for Performing Arts at the Historic Park Theatre hosts its first stage production next weekend, the people who enter the state’s newest live entertainment venue will find more than just a theater.

In its new incarnation, the building that once housed the Park Cinema is also home to a café, a nightclub and a 200-seat all-purpose area that can serve as a restaurant for theatergoers, a comedy club and a room for receptions and business functions. Read more here.

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