Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do Most Nonprofit Groups Fail to Demonstrate Social Value?

The Chronicle of Philanthropy's Give and Take offers a look at various ideas being offered in the blogosphere. This opinon is definitely stirring up a reaction. As the Chronicle article relates:

Do most charities fail to show that they create benefits for society?

A foundation consultant argues that point and has stirred up a debate as he calls for more rigorous evaluation of nonprofit groups.

On the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal, David E. K. Hunter, former director of evaluation and knowledge development at the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, lays out what he calls “unpleasant truths” about charities.

No. 1 is perhaps the most controversial.

“While nonprofits work incredibly hard, with passion and dedication, and often in incredibly difficult circumstances to solve society’s most intractable problems, there is virtually no credible evidence that most nonprofit organizations actually produce any social value,” he writes. Read more here.

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