Monday, August 10, 2009

Community Forum recording now available: Behavioral Economics

Columbia Business School announces the Community Forum Series on the Economy is available to watch in its entirety.

Moderated by Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard, this forum's topic focuses on the burgeoning field of behavioral economics, whose insights into human decision-making are reshaping business, public policy and regulation. Included in the discussion are three faculty members who have done provocative research in the science of human behavior:

Gita Johar, Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business in the Marketing division, shares findings from her research examining unconscious influences on consumer behavior.

Eric Johnson, Norman Eig Professor of Business in the Marketing division, discusses how insights from the behavioral sciences can be leveraged to modify behavior.

Nachum Sicherman, professor in the Finance and Economics division, addresses the so-called "ostrich effect," or investors' reluctance to review their financial portfolios when markets decline.

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