Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nonprofit Theaters Say Next Season May Be Their Toughest Yet

The NY Times featured an article pointing out that next year will be even more challenging for nonprofit theaters. One has to wonder if the article is highlighting an issue that will apply to all nonprofits?

Fancy gift bags and elaborate centerpieces were out of the question for Signature Theater Company’s spring gala on Monday night at Espace, a reception room on West 42nd Street in Manhattan.

This nonprofit theater, which has one of the most consistent track records of critically acclaimed productions in New York, had already reduced its fund-raising target by 10 percent. With salary freezes a possibility and other belt-tightening under way, Signature and its nonprofit theater brethren in New York have entered an especially difficult economic period in their history, with the 2009-10 season looming as the toughest financial challenge they have faced, executives say. Read the article here.

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