Saturday, September 27, 2008

Article Round Up: Economy Impact on Nonprofits

Interested in what the possible impact the economy will have on nonprofits? Take a look at some recent articles:
Implications for philanthropy following news about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
Implications following news about Merrill Lynch and Lehman Brothers (Chronicle of Philanthropy)
Charities Brace for Wall St. Fallout (Crain’s New York)
U.S. Charities Feel Chill from Weak Economy (Reuters)
Arts Groups Fret the Woes of Big Donors (Washington Post)
How Bad Is It? Economy’s Downturn Prompts New Challenges for CharitiesChronicle of Philanthropy
Financial Mayhem Hurts Nonprofits, FoundationsUSA Today
Nonprofits Brace for Slowdown in GivingWall Street Journal
What the Financial Sector Meltdown Really Means for Nonprofits and PhilanthropyThe Cohen Report / Nonprofit Quarterly
Nonprofit Pessimism In Need of Philanthropic BoostPhilanthroMedia

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